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PKMNation Clutch Payment
PKMNation: Clutch Dump 6-14-14 OPEN by Otato-Otato
PKMNation: LoulaxDwarf Clutch *OPEN* by Otato-Otato
PKMNation: CharlotteRBF Clutch 2 -OPEN- by Otato-Otato
PKMNation: BooxEmbers Clutch OPEN by Otato-Otato
PKMNation: SyrusxTronia Clutch *OPEN* by Otato-Otato
PKMNation: FigxNoodle Clutch *OPEN* by Otato-Otato
MakaxPrince Clutch *OPEN* by Otato-Otato 

Images shown still have pokemon for sale.

This is where you pay for your pokemon you get from me.

Please wait until I give you the okay to pay.

PKMNation: Item Resale Payments
PKMNation: Bubblegum Pixel Icon by Otato-Otato
Any items you buy from me in PKMNation, you pay for here.

Items Open:
PKMNation Resale Pokemon
PKMNation: Alejandro the Starter by Otato-Otato
PKMNation: Girly the Zorua by Otato-Otato
PKMNation: Lady Diana the Starter by Otato-Otato
PKMNation: Gal the Skitty by Otato-Otato
Click on each app for all the info on each pokemon. All have levels over 10. Please wait until I give you the okay to send the points. 

Alejandro the Seel: 100 Points

Lady Diana the Lapras: 80 Points

Gal the Skitty: 50 Points

Girly the Zorua: 50 Points
PKMNation: 1 Move and/or 12 levels Only
PKMNation: Cheru Payment I dont Know by Otato-Otato
PKMNation: Another Cheru Payment by Otato-Otato
I will draw 1 pokemon learning 1 move that equals 12 levels or just 12 levels for a
pokemon. It will be lined/lineless, shaded, with 2 detailed backgrounds, and drawn

If you want two pokemon to learn the same exact move, instead of paying 300 for 2 seperate
images, I will make you a personal commission widget spot and charge you 230/$2.90 instead.

Price for 1: 150 Points or $1.90

Price for 2 [learning the same move]: 230 Points or $2.90 (Note me for this). 

PKMNation The Marina

:iconpkmnation: The Marina
The Marina (Ranch)For :iconpkmnation:, so ignore if you are not interested.
Update 6/23/14: Pokemon for Sale, and they have to go! Make an offer if you want, I'm willing to haggle.
:star:About the Ranch:star:
There is no real theme to the ranch, even if it is named after a watery place. Any pokemon that finds my fancy, if I can miraculously get it (even with how fast everyone else is), I will try to get it in The Marina. My personal favorites are Water, Flying, and Normal types, but I'm not just sticking to them, as I stated up above. 
Just note me or comment on my dA page if you want to breed, and we'll work it out. I'm not following game rules, so go wild.
Breeding Rules:
:bulletblack: I have the right to deny anyone a breeding, but I will give you the reason as to why.
:bulletblack: No Pokemon that are under level 10.
:bulletblack: Clutches will be split 50/50. Should an extra one happen and both of us want it, we will use
PKMNation: POKEMON FOR SALE. HAGGLING WELCOME.:iconpkmnation: members only.
I'd REALLY prefer points, as they will help me in the long run, so some pokemon are points only, but you can still make offers. I also do take mixed payments (levels and points).
Alejandro the Seel (Male) Level 30/BA: 11/Moves: Headbutt, Growl, Encore
 Price: 120 100Points
Lady Diana the Lapras (Female) Level: 20/BA: 9/Moves: Sing, Growl, Water gun, Ice shard
100 80 Points 
Girly the Zorua (Female)/ Level: 5/BA: 10/Moves: Scratch, Leer
 Price: 50 Points
Gal the Skitty (Female)/Level: 11/Moves: Fake Out, Growl, Tackle, Tailwhip
 Price: 50 Points
 Trades are also welcome
Clutch C: Level 4/BA: 32/Price: 80 30 Points or 2 Mo

Pokemon Trainer: Boss and Blank Pokemon App
PKMNation: Boss the Trainer by Otato-Otato PKMNation Application Blank -DO NOT USE- by Otato-Otato

Tronia the Magnemite
PKMNation: Tronia the Starter by Otato-Otato (Female)

Chubs the Cubchoo
PKMNation: Chubs App by Otato-Otato (Female)

Loula the Darumaka Fusion
PKMNation: Loula by Otato-Otato (Female)

Rootbeer Float the Eevee
PKMNation: Rootbeer Float the Eevee by Otato-Otato (Male) (No more levels/moves needed)

Embers the Cyndaquil
PKMNation: Embers the Cyndaquil by Otato-Otato (Male)

Prince the Snubbull Granbull
PKMNation: Prince the Granbull by Otato-Otato (Male)

Boo the Lickitung/Yamask Cross
PKMNation: Boo the Lickitung-Yamask Cross by Otato-Otato (Female)

Syrus the Deino Fusion
PKMNation: Syrus the Fusion Deino by Otato-Otato (Male)

Gal the Skitty
PKMNation: Gal the Skitty by Otato-Otato (Female)

Girly the Zorua
PKMNation: Girly the Zorua by Otato-Otato (Female)

Nia Jones the Spinda
PKMNation: Nia Jones the Spinda by Otato-Otato (Female)

Gloopy the Goomy
PKMNation: Gloopy the Goomy by Otato-Otato (Male)

Dwarf the Fairy/Grass Shroomish Fusion
PKMNation: Dwarf the Shroomish Fusion by Otato-Otato (Male)

Noodle the Shiny Dratini
PKMNation: Noodle the Shiny Dratini by Otato-Otato (Female)

???? the Morph Lapras

??? the Cyndaquil/Yamask Cross

??? the Shiny Mudkip

Diggly Doo the Diglett
PKMNation: Diggley Doo by Otato-Otato (Male)

Goku the Mankey
PKMNation: Goku the Mankey by Otato-Otato (Male)

Jane the Whimsicott
PKMNation: Jane the Whimsicott by Otato-Otato (Female)

KFC the Torchic
PKMNation: KFC The Torchic by Otato-Otato(Female)

Manny the Grass/Normal Hoppip Fusion
Spectral Springs - Manny by Piranha2021 (Must draw new app)

??? The Shiny Bellsprout

Tikki The Joltik
PKMNation: Tikki the Joltik by Otato-Otato (Female)

Bubblegum The Flying/Fairy Typed Ditto Fusion
PKMNation: Bubblegum the Fusion Ditto by Otato-Otato (Female)

Nic Cage the Remoraid
PKMNation: Nic Cage the Remoraid by Otato-Otato (Male)

Sponge the Poliwag
PKMNation: Sponge the Poliwag by Otato-Otato (Male)

??? the Shiny Fusion Dratini

??? the Lanturn

??? the Volbeat

Daisy the Shiny Munna
PKMNation: Daisy the Shiny Munna by Otato-Otato (Male)

Pillow the Muuna/Ditto Cross
Pillow the Munna Ditto Cross App by Otato-Otato (Male)

??? The Tentacool

??? The Masquerain
(Female) (September 13)

??? the Seedot
(Male) (September 20)

Demetri the Hoothoot
(Male) (September 16)

??? the Castform/Houndour Cross

Honey the Teddiursa
(Male) (September 18)

??? the Fall Deerling
(Female)(Sept 23rd)

TO DO LIST (Trades, Requests and Commissions)

:iconarttradesfriendsonly::bulletred:: ART TRADES :bulletred:

:iconrequestfriendsonly::bulletblue: REQUESTS :bulletblue:

-Aloulore Soloman Magical Dragon-Girl (FR)

:iconcommissionsopen::bulletgreen: COMMISSIONS :bulletgreen:


To Do List -Fun Things-

:bulletred: <-Means Constant Updating


:bulletred: Animal Trackers Update (Robin)
:bulletred: Diary entries (Robin)
:bulletred: Item Meme (Robin)
:bulletred:Robin Mine pictures (Cave 3-1), Benny Mine Picture (3-1)
-Make Rhonda the Stayu App
-Make ??? the Lopunny App

:iconisland-named-bill: :iconpokeberry-academy:

:bulletred: Update Heart Chart (Hooty, Bell)
:bulletred: Heart Charts (Hooty, Bell)
-Hooty's Bro NPC App(s)

-Update Ira's App (Double Battles with Husbando)
-Draw and Write Poppy's App
-Finish map for Route 16, Azureville, and any other routes you get.
-Draw Ira's Pokemon Team Apps (Ivysaur, Gogoat, Ludicolo, Ferrothorn).
-Draw Poppy's Pokemon Team Apps (Dapper the Magikarp).

-Wait for word from :devUsagi-Okami first:
-Finish Motel Owner's App Info
-Finish Absol's app picture, application, and info
-Make Robin's New App
-Make Benny's New App

:bulletred: OTHER :bulletred:



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United States
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Drawing Commissions Are OPEN

Character Ask Tumblr

Personal Tumblr

<s>1. Introduction</s>
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60. Rejection
30 Theme OTP Challenge1. Holding Hands
2. Cuddling Somewhere
3. Gaming/Watching a Movie
4. On a Date
5. Kissing
6. In Eachothers Clothes
7. Cosplaying
8. Shopping
9. Hanging Out With Friends
10. With Animal Ears (Switch their Ears)
11. Wearing Kigurumis (Look this up)
12. Making Out
13. Eating Icecream
14. Gender Swapped
15. In a different clothing style (Robin-Revealing and Pink outfit. Maybe Cheerleader. Davian- Goth/Juggalo?)
16. During their morning ritual (Coffee for a hungover Robin)
17. Spooning
18. Doing Something Together
19. In Formal Wear
20. Dancing
21. Cooking/Baking
22. In Battle, Side by Side
23. Arguing (Legendary Fights RP)
24. Making Up Afterwords (Legendary Fights RP)
25. Gazing into Eachothers Eyes (Robin using Attract)
26. Getting Married
27. On One of Their Birthdays (Calender reading few days after Robin's birthday)
28. Doing Something Ridiculous
29. Doing Something Sweet
30. Doing Something Hot
Online Garage Sale (With Manga, a Wig, and More)Hey guys, got some stuff to sell and this time, however, I am doing it a bit differently. This time points are also a way to pay me, as I have access to the commission widgets. If you want to try paying me another way, message me and we can try to work something out.
However, keep in mind that the points price will be slightly higher due to the tax dA takes from the widgets. If you pay in points, the plan will be “Item Price+dA Tax+Shipping”. So say the item you want is 100 points, and shipping (which we will work out together) is say about $1 USD (which is 80 Points). I’ll add the tax to the item price, making it 120 Points+ 80 Points, making your purchase 200 points total. When we decide on the final amount due, I will make you a personal commission widget with your username for you to pay at.
I will be uploading more things whenever I can too. So keep your eye on this, I may add more games or manga to the list~
You must pay for shipping too, whethe

I'm going to be working on some costumes for Halloween in PKMNation. They'll include 1-2 main outfit parts, booties, and a head accessories (and maybe a pet trick or treat bag). What do I do first? 

2 deviants said Other *Comment Below*
1 deviant said Pumpkin-like costume
No deviants said Witch/Wizard
No deviants said Werewolf (Pokemon equivelent)
No deviants said Mummy
No deviants said Angel/Devil
No deviants said Prince/Princess

Harvest Pokemoon Sale Stuff

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 12, 2014, 10:56 PM

My Profile PageMy GalleryMy Journal


I just have the inability to draw them and/or their evolutions at this point in my art life, which is why I'm selling/trading. That or they just don't work with the characters anymore.

For Sale/Trade: (Will hold if you don't have the space yet).

-Porkchop the Pignite (Male)(Ranch)  
-Bacon the Spoink (Female)(Ranch)
-Bebek the Ducklett (Female)(Ranch)  
 -Tenders the Doduo (Female)(Ranch)
-Zap the Silcoon (Male)(Ranch)        
-Squash the Cascoon (Male)(Ranch)

-Snow Flower the Vanillite (Female)(Pet)  
-Tenley the Hoothoot (Female)(Pet)
-Santa the Stantler (Male)(Mount)          

I'll take eggs of Eevee, Sandshrew, Shuppet, Chinchou, Plusle, Minun, or Happiny. Shiny or Regular Welcome.
First Evo/No Evo: 1000 Each
Second Evo: 2000 Each
Final Evo: 3000 Each

This is where you feature your friends.

This is where your featured deviations go.

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Otato-Otato has started a donation pool!
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Donations are welcome. These points will be used to pay for things in a group and to give my friends (or rarely me) Premiums.

If you're in PKMNation and are paying here, go to the first slot of the commission widget. If not, I'm sending back the points and will refuse to send the recipt until it's done properly.


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