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PKMNation: 100 Level Special
PKMNation: Up to Level 100 in 24 Hours by Otato-Otato
I will get one pokemon of your choice up to level 100, no matter the starting level. This package includes evolution and levels done in any style, from colored sketches to fully shaded with background. 

No Moves included, References Needed

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Donations are welcome~ Pkmnation people, do NOT pay here unless told otherwise.

Goal: Core Membership (Year Long)

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2. Love
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56. Danger Ahead
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61. Fairy Tale
30 Theme OTP Challenge1. Holding Hands
2. Cuddling Somewhere
3. Gaming/Watching a Movie
4. On a Date
5. Kissing
6. In Eachothers Clothes
7. Cosplaying
8. Shopping
9. Hanging Out With Friends
10. With Animal Ears (Switch their Ears)
11. Wearing Kigurumis (Look this up)
12. Making Out
13. Eating Icecream
14. Gender Swapped
15. In a different clothing style (Robin-Revealing and Pink outfit. Maybe Cheerleader. Davian- Goth/Juggalo?)
16. During their morning ritual (Coffee for a hungover Robin)
17. Spooning
18. Doing Something Together
19. In Formal Wear
20. Dancing
21. Cooking/Baking
22. In Battle, Side by Side
23. Arguing (Legendary Fights RP)
24. Making Up Afterwords (Legendary Fights RP)
25. Gazing into Eachothers Eyes (Robin using Attract)
26. Getting Married
27. On One of Their Birthdays (Calender reading few days after Robin's birthday)
28. Doing Something Ridiculous
29. Doing Something Sweet
30. Doing Something Hot
Well folks, I've gotten hired on at a place! And not even a seasonal job, I got hired on full time at a place~ I make almost 10 bucks an hour and honestly, I'm amazed. I may move down to part time though for schooling reasons, and my own mental health, but I have a friend who will be able to help with paying for the room. 

However, I'm still in training so I'm still busy monday-friday (well this week, till saturday) from 3PM to Midnght. My sense of time is so screwed up because of the schedule, the fact that I only see the sun once or twice during my work day, and the fact dinner is called lunch. So I'm sorry if I ramble or bug anyone multiple times in a day,my sense of time is just gone that its been feeling like 2 hours=1day. 

Hopefully mom, angel, and I will be moved into an actual place by January. For now, we're still at the "Hotel California" (aka the Extended Stay America in Springfield, MO). Hopefully I'll be able to pay off my debts starting soon, first time will be mid december to early January due to my first paycheck going straight to storage fees and making sure we don't go hungry/homeless. May need to start a gofundme or something to help us get an apartment and out of here, this place is draining us of all our cash. Not to mention all the drug and mold problems too orz. I'm not afraid to say I need help, and if I can just get us out of here I can start paying back everyone who has helped us.

Since my paycheck is gunna get smaller after my training, I'll have to find other ways to pay. Lets hope ebay takes off soon, we got a deal with a friend for him to sell his computers through our ebay account and since we're listing them, we get a small cut too. It isn't much, but if we can get into a regular thing with his stuff and ours, then we can substitute that for a fulltime paycheck from me. 

But yeah, Monday-Fridays I'm busy from afternoons to midnight, and its slowing down my rps too. I want to rp, but by the time I can st down and do it, I'm so tired. And I don't wake up until an hour or 2 before my shift, so I have to eat, get ready, and do chores before I go. 

I can't wait till part time. 
  • Mood: Suffering


HPM: Matilda Galore by Otato-Otato
HPM: Matilda Galore
Got a new sketchbook, and I sketched/lined these all during class, and colored them after I woke up.

So much Matilda~ Her in a bean bag, and then just random doodles. They were all used to help me stay awake/try traditional stuff again.

Expect more doodle pages like this, I still have 3ish weeks left of these classes.

HPM: Gift Headshots 2 by Otato-Otato
HPM: Gift Headshots 2
Round 2 of the headshots in my new sketchbook~ This time is nothing but love! Sibling love on top, and romance on the bottom~ I just keep callim them the LetsJam ship and I wanted to put music notes around the pair cuz, Lets Jame, Music, get it?

And ssssssh, I did say I was only doing PC's, but come on, Earnest and his sister, I couldn't resist throwing that lil NPC in there too~

Just one more set to go! And Let's just wouldn't cooperate, so look, hair in front of his face! I'll do better next time orz

Lucky, Earnest, and Strawberry belong to: :iconbirdmir:

Lets/Myles belongs to: :iconverdantcreature:


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