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PKMNation Payments
MakaxPrince Clutch *OPEN* by Otato-Otato
PKMNation: LoulaxDwarf Clutch *OPEN* by Otato-Otato
PKMNation: BooxEmbers Clutch OPEN by Otato-Otato
 Images shown still have pokemon for sale.

This is where you pay for your pokemon/items you get from me.

Please wait until I give you the okay to pay.



Otato-Otato has started a donation pool!
10 / 4,000
Donations are welcome. These points will be used to pay for things in a group and to give my friends (or rarely me) Premiums.

If you're in PKMNation and are paying here, go to the first slot of the commission widget. If not, I'm sending back the points and will refuse to send the recipt until it's done properly.


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    Donated Nov 8, 2014, 4:06:19 AM



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Online Garage Sale (With Manga, a Wig, and More)Hey guys, got some stuff to sell and this time, however, I am doing it a bit differently. This time points are also a way to pay me, as I have access to the commission widgets. If you want to try paying me another way, message me and we can try to work something out.
However, keep in mind that the points price will be slightly higher due to the tax dA takes from the widgets. If you pay in points, the plan will be “Item Price+dA Tax+Shipping”. So say the item you want is 100 points, and shipping (which we will work out together) is say about $1 USD (which is 80 Points). I’ll add the tax to the item price, making it 120 Points+ 80 Points, making your purchase 200 points total. When we decide on the final amount due, I will make you a personal commission widget with your username for you to pay at.
I will be uploading more things whenever I can too. So keep your eye on this, I may add more games or manga to the list~
You must pay for shipping too, whethe
Happy New Years! And Happy WInter Holidays to All~ Been busyish so I'll do the updates now.

My finas went over pretty well. Only had to show up to two of them, since the other two were a paper and some art projects. My hardest final was Astronomy, but I still got out with a 74.8, so I'm happy. My easiest was Art 109, the paper, because of what I got to write about. I wasn't able to make it to the Art Gallery, so I was given an alternate assignment and that was to write about a piece of art on The Louvre's website. Out of all the paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and other forms of art, I chose the 2x3 foot bronze rooster statue called "The Cockerell". ANd I chose it JUST so when describing it or mentioning it in the paper, I could refer to it as the "Big, Angry, Roman Cock". I did that throughout the entire paper.

I got an A plus the 15 points extra credit I wasn't supposed to get.

Right after finals I started my housesitting gig and got sick. But my uncle and his girlfriend came out and we had a decent christmas at my other aunt's house. I got some leggings that fit my fat ass, a cute lamp, a pikachu bank, a cheap tablet (thats got windows 8 on it), and an Amazon Fire Stick. I didn't get too much, but my two big gifts equaled out to about 120ish, so I feel REALLY spoiled~ I'mma use the TV stick in the living room so grandpa can get easier access to the Netflix. THe tablet will make it easier and I wont have to lug my laptop to and from school (and worry about breaking it). I'm happy~

I got my haircut last night and now it's new years and I'm getting ready for a party later tonight. My hair is on point, my clothes are on point, and....I'm happy.

THis year's been a wild one. A full year of college, figuring out that I want to move and starting that process. WHile I still don't know what I want to do in life, maybe this move will help. Even thinking of opening up a Redbubble and using any money i make from that to help towards the move. And the commissions. I'll be updating my commissions this week into a journal for easier use and such....and I'll see about taking donations too, because we're in need for this move (and before you say something about christmas, all i litterally asked for was a new sketchbook from walmart, a calender, and some cheap headphones, equaling less than 30 bucks and the rest of the money to go towards the move).

God I hope this move goes well.

Happy New Years, folks~

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